Friday, July 13, 2012

Will you design a tattoo for me?

Feel free to ask me about this. And no I will not do it for free, though I am open to discuss bartering options on this. I intend to add this to my service listings soon.

Do you design logos?

Sometimes, yeah. I design my own logo-y stuff myself.

It's not a service I typically offer, though. I only design logos by special request.

Who designed the Bent Realm website?

I did. Designed, built it and maintain it myself.

The blog parts I do make use of templates available through the blog host that I modify which is properly attributed at the bottom of each blog, and the header images are my own design. The portfolio gallery section is built via Deviant Art’s portfolio thingy.

My coding abilities are limited, but they are enough that I can play with various tools and do the occasional bit more than the average artist/writer/crafter.

I do not offer web design as a service and have no plans to do so, but somebody may be able to randomly talk me into helping out with their site (not something I’d do for free).

Will Custom Art Services be the only service type offered?

Maybe not. I have a few other service types in mind…

So why does this site look so unfinished in spots?

Biggest reason is I'm still semi pre-launch. So basically this site is still in early beta. I'm testing out what works for me what I have time for and like the spatial integrity of this site.

Why is some stuff only shipped once a week?

Shipping once a week simplifies the process, and saves time & money.

Additionally, I do not drive, so it is not as simple as jumping in a car and driving off to the post office. Sometimes special shipping supplies also must be obtained, doing this more than once a week simply is not feasible at this time.

Seems best to have this be a set day of the week, and Thursday is the best day in my schedule for it at present.

Since these items go out on Thursdays, order & pay by 5 pm (Arizona MTN time) on Wednesday to be sure your item makes that Thursday’s shipping.

Which items does this apply to?
Non-Digital Non-Custom items for Services or from my handmade venue shops only. So this does not apply to digital items, nor custom items (those non-digital custom items ship the Thursday after they are completed), and this does not apply to items ordered from my shops which are hosted on sites in which said site handles the shipping (those sites have their own policies and handle the manufacturing & shipping aspects of the items I make available there).

For more details go here, this outlines in detail my policies for my handmade items & shops and most of those policies also apply to my services.

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