Saturday, February 19, 2011

Standard Policies for Shops on Handmade Venues

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Here is where the standard Policies for my Shops on Handmade venues would be if I still put inventory in any shops online handmade venues.  

In regards to  My Etsy Shop  
 -Still have the shop, it is on hiatus and set to vacation mode.
 -Some of information on that venue, including my Etsy Member Profile.
-I am keeping the shop for anytime I wish to resume selling handmade items online or if I wish to start selling other item types that venue allows.


-Didn't you used to have a Zibbet shop? 
Yes, but Zibbet itself went away.

-Why isn't there any inventory made available in your handmade shops anymore? Several complications & situations arose that made selling handmade items online and shipping them something I could not continue, if enough of those situations change to make resuming that particular activity I might resume. 

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