Saturday, July 3, 2010

Price Guide: Photo to Art Manipulations

This is a basic price guide for my Photo to Art Manipulations service.
    Simple Background $20
    Mid Level Detail Background $25
    Small, Detailed Background $35
    Medium, Detailed Background $45
    Large, Detailed Background $55-$65
Prices current as of July 13, 2012.
Please remember this is only a guide. Extras, complexity of order, additional subject figures, and a few other things may affect price. I may put any of these on sale or include in a bundle package at any time.
Prices on this service are determined mostly by level of detail and size of background. Remember this is an entirely digital service.
Simple Background, Mid Level Detail Background, and Small, Detailed Background are all the same size of Background. In most cases those are the same size as the background of the photo submitted for manipulation, unless the subject/figure in the photo fills the shot and mid level detail or small,detailed is ordered in which case a bit of space will be placed around it for the background type ordered.
The Medium, Detailed Background and Large Detailed Background commission will have an appropriate amount of background space inserted, both will have detailed backgrounds.
Background sizes larger than large by special request only.  Extras are available on this service.
Check Current Specials to see if any of these are on sale right now.
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