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Photo to Art Manipulations

Photo to Art Manipulation -
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What is a Photo to Art Manipulation?
Photo to Art Manipulation is where I take a photo and turn it into art using photoshop. I will take your photo and turn you into your choice of creature, I will always go for making it a beautiful version of that creature type, due to me being a Libra, if you want something hideous and ugly be real specific and detailed about that since my natural inclination is to find beauty and draw it forward even with gnarly zombies. You choose from a few other custom options as well.
Various background options are available. Various Extras can also be purchased in conjunction with this service.

Choices in “creature”-
  • Alien
  • Angel
  • Asian – Inspired
  • Cyborg
  • Demon type
  • Faerie
  • Harlequin
  • Mermaid
  • Monster
  • Vampire
  • Witch
  • Wizards
  • Zombie
  • Make a different request
  • Ask me to pretty please choose for you
Choose a style-
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Horror
  • Paranormal
  • Gothic
  • Steampunk
  • Cyberpunk
  • Sword & Sorcery
  • Oriental & Asian influenced
  • Hybrid stuff, some kind of combination of two different types
  • Something far more traditional like
  • Ignore this custom enhancement option and just pick your creature
  • Make a different request
  • Ask me to pretty please choose for you
Choose your Background-
What sizes and detail levels are available on backgrounds are listed in the price guide.
Ideas for Detailed backgrounds may be outlined later in a separate help topic.

Additional specifications-
  • What are two colors you love? (I will do what I can to favor these colors in the piece)
  • What color do you hate most? (I will use little or none of this color)
  • If you have very specific ideas about what direction you want this art to go in outline them in detail and I will go to them as best as humanly possible. Then drop your expectations and stop imagining how it will turn out, this is art not a device that can extract the exact image directly out of your head via a disturbing marriage of psychic voodoo powers and alien technology and replicate it in physical or digital form. My psychic powers are sporadic and rarely involve imaging, and my alien technology is nil, at least as far as I’ve been told.

Guidelines for selecting the Photo to use:
  • No blurry photos
  • The better the quality and clarity of the photo the better the results possible.
  • A photo with your entire head in it is best.
  • Be sure it will not infringe anyone’s copyrights for more info on that read the terms (link near bottom)
  • Full body shots are less than ideal, causes the face to be low on detail…
  • Mid-torso and up, or shoulders and up, full head in shot works best. Part of the top of the head can be cut off if it won’t interfere with the background and so long as you don’t expect me to fill in the missing part of the head.
Things to keep in mind for this service:
  • Photo to Art Manipulations are entirely digital.
  • Remember the result will look like artwork, this is not remotely intended to yield photo realistic results. Any backgrounds will be removed and replaced with digitally rendered art backgrounds; or if you prefer me to build on the background already in the shot for your background - it will be worked into art, if you have ordered a comparable background type.
  • The finished art will be delivered via email. If the file size is large, it will be zipped and you will need to be able to unzip it. Newer computers automatically include the software for unpacking zip files, since it is now a standard need.
  • Merchandise, such as posters prints t-shirts mugs and more, with the art on it is will be made available for purchase, none of that is included in the price. Read the terms for more details about how that works.
  • This digital service is available internationally, see below policies for additional info.
  • If you would like your finished Photo to Art Manipulation placed on a disc and mailed to you, it will cost extra for the disc and the shipping. This option is only available within the United States.
  • If you submit a low resolution photo do not expect a high res (high res as in high def) result on the photo itself. Upping the resolution is in most cases not all that possible. I have picked up a few tricks but they are not ideal solutions. If your photo looks low quality when posted to say Facebook, for example, then it will be more difficult for me to work higher quality results out of it. 
  • Standard Policy Info & Terms of Use

    • Please read the Policies and Terms of Use for this service, it talks about things like how you must have the right to use the photo you submit, how merchandising works, how I retain the copyrights to my artwork and other important things. Your use of this service indicates that you have read, understood, and agree to the terms. Click here to read Terms for this service.

--This topic will be updated as needed. As always further links will be added as they become available.
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